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We are here, UNITED!

To fulfill a shared dream of adding value to the language travel market and ed-tech space for good.


Who We Are

We are a dynamic company that consists of a unique team of people coming from diverse backgrounds. We are here, UNITED! to fulfill a shared dream of changing the language travel market and ed-tech space for good with our culture of boldness, openness, diversity, and youthfulness.

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Our Culture

Academia United grasps a culture that gives importance to innovation while embracing indispensable core values. The BODY of our culture consists of:

BOLDNESS: Innovation and change come with bold choices. We are not afraid to take risks and think outside the box.

OPENNESS: We believe in being direct and straight-to-the-point in our way of communication and this is precisely where we draw a strong line between success and failure. In addition, innovation and self-development require constant openness by bringing new ideas, methods, or changes to our horizon at all times.

DIVERSITY: We naturally coexist under the same roof, believing in the same dream, walking the same path regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and social beliefs.

YOUTHFULNESS: We are agile. We are dynamic. We are enthusiastic. We are here, UNITED! Our soul and core values are surrounded by a uniquely structured dynamic feel where we learn, grow and prosper TOGETHER.

Our Values

Customer-oriented: We don't just deliver for our customers but also exceed their expectations.

Self-development: We constantly grow ourselves and help each other grow as well through our collective passion for learning.

Diversity: We value diversity and inclusiveness formed with a family spirit as genuine as it could get.

Open communication: We believe in open communication and this is how we form our teams and base our relationships on.

Having an open mind: We create fun and always keep an open mind for our people and surroundings.

Being unique and having fun: We find joy in the work we create which could sometimes come with a little tweak of weirdness.

Determination: We are highly determined to ethically do whatever it takes to reach our goals.

Simplicity: We take simplicity quite seriously in every step and process we follow.

Modesty: We have always been modest and always will be.

Unity: We are here, UNITED!


Do you think you can fit in with our culture?

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