Why Invest in Us?

At ACADEMIA UNITED, we believe that in an extremely globalized world that constantly evolves, putting our focus on environmental sustainability issues with a technological tweak is fundamental for our exponential and ethical growth strategies.

Not as highly commercialized as other industries, education and learning should also keep up the pace with the rest of the world. We are here to break the traditional cycle and breathe new life into the language travel market with our experience of more than a decade combined among our talented, young and dynamic team working simultaneously around the clock.

Our expertise varies between a strong range of products including but not limited to language travel packages, junior camps abroad, work and travel programs, and medical licensing training consultation in the US.

With our current offerings and new offerings on their way we believe that with the right financial support and visionary partnerships in place we are confident in turning the language travel market upside down to leave a positive impact on our earth and make educational technologies touch even more lives from across the globe.

Our name speaks for itself: We are here, UNITED! to create a new dimension in the ed-tech space with our innovative approach. Our people by first hand have seen how the experience of education can be transformative in everyday lives of individuals and societies all around the world. We are here, UNITED!, doing best of what we know: Making the learning experience more fun, creative and accessible in a naturally democratized form for everyone. We understand what the market and people need which is why we have put our futuristic and revolutionary approach on to the table.

To stay up to date with the rather fast-developing global technology scene, we are constantly seeking new investment and partnership opportunities in the technology and product development fields with potential strong global partners from around the globe.

We are here, UNITED! Talk to us for more…